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Hydrojelly Facial

The perfect facial for all skin types.  Customized hydrojelly  facial with extractions, massage and masking options tailored to your skin care concerns.  

1 Hour | Starting at $100

Retexturizing Treatment

This is the ultimate skin smoothing and brightening treatment for anyone concerned with

rough surface texture, fine lines, wrinkles and laxity. This treatment helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while promoting an even skin tone and clear complexion.

  • Reduces dark spots and other forms of discoloration

  • Promotes an even skin tone and clear complexion

  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Includes post peel homecare kit

Red Carpet Facial

Experience unparalleled results in just one treatment! A revolutionary combination of proteins and B vitamins activate vital energy dramatically enhancing the appearance of skin tone and texture.  An advanced stimulating peel is coupled with layers of skin tightening masks that are systematically applied to visually improve the overall look of the skin. This facial can be performed once a week up to the day of your event as well as on the event day for firm rejuvenated glowing skin.

1.5 Hour | Starting at $250

Package of 3 $750

Package of 6 $1250 (Get one free! )

Advanced Acne Treatment

1 Hour | Starting at $150

Package of 4 $480

Hydrating Facial

This hydrating facial uses a creamy, mineral complex and thirst quenching enzymes designed to boost moisture levels, which will calm and hydrate the skin.

Recommended for | Dry, normal, combination, and sensitive skin types

1 Hour | Starting at $160

1 Hour with diamond tip Microdermabrasion | Starting at $180

Snatched Facial

Get a snatched face with microcurrent technology. Myolift microcurrent device delivers a non-invasive facelift that’s a great alternative to botox. A Microcurrent produces ATP which promotes collagen/elastin production to give the skin an even, healthy glow. A microcurrent facial re-educates your muscles to firm, contour and tone the skin. This facial also includes an anti-aging hydrating mineral skin treatment. The combination of bioactive complexes and infusion of natural protein peptides antioxidants and hydrating ingredients are designed for the health and integrity of the skin at the onset of the chronological aging process by nourishing, hydrating and self-healing of the skins tissue. The skin is tightened, hydrated and exudes a healthy glow.

1 Hour | Starting at $200

Keratin Lash Lift

Lash lift with keratin treatment and eye mask - the perfect compliment to your facial service!

1 Hour | Starting at $175

lash lift near me tint lash perm

Purify and decongest the skin with this advanced acne treatment. Experience gentle exfoliation with no expected visible peeling or downtime with a professional peel treatment. Formulated with a blend of exfoliating acids and calming ingredients, this superficial peel removes impurities, detoxifies pores, and helps reduce inflammation post-treatment while boosting the production of collagen to help prevent signs of premature aging. This efficacious peel treatment is suitable for all Fitzpatricks and skin types, especially sensitive skin, and it helps support barrier function and recovery. 

Use of prescribed daily care products is mandatory for favorable results. Multiple treatments recommended for best results.

1 Hour | Starting at $200

Package of 3 $600

Package of 6 $1000 ( get one free! ) 


Keratin Lash Lift & Tint

Lash lift with keratin treatment and Tint, chose from deep brown and Black for a lifted effortless mascara and curl look with out the effort!

1 Hour | Starting at $195

lash lift tint brow lamination near me costa mesa orange county


Holiday Facial Specials 

Pumpkin Spice Facial

Fall is in the air and that can only mean one thing….Pumpkin! This spicy mask will nourish your skin with antioxidants as it’s packed with Vitamins A and C. The Pumpkin-Orange enzyme mask will exfoliate, reduce oil and dissolve dead skin while orange provides a beautiful hydrated glow to your skin, all while you delight in the wonderful smell of pumpkin and orange. Followed by the Autumn Spice Hydrating Mask, which has nutmeg to soothe inflammation, yet is also anti-bacterial, to prevent breakouts. Cinnamon creates a warming sensation in the skin while mangosteen, honeysuckle, and passionflower provide anti-aging benefits for healthy, nourished skin. Perfect for before your fall gathering events.
1 Hour | $65

pumpkin spice facial.JPG

Caramel Apple Facial


Deliciously decadent and aromatic, this anti-aging and hydrating facial will repair and replenish skin.

Apple Orchard Enzyme encompasses antioxidants and is revitalizing. PhytoCellTech™️ Malus Domestica (Swiss Apple) Fruit Cell Culture Extract combats aging, increases skin vitality, and promotes cellular regeneration. Bearberry Leaf Extract is a powerful brightener and antioxidant.

Golden Caramel Mask nourishes with the magic of Black BeeOme™ which is an elixir that is obtained from fermented honey that restores the skin’s natural microflora, improves the skin’s natural protective barrier, and provides substantial hydration. It also reduces sebum production for a matte and refined look. Perfect skin prep for holiday makeup!
1 Hour | $65

Chai Soy Detox Facial

This Facial invigorates the skin while reducing the appearance of clogged pores and excess oil. Utilizing Earth’s elements, bentonite clay and ginger root extract deliver antioxidants and minerals to the surface of the skin, leaving it to appear refined and smooth. Perfect for after your fall gathering events.

1 Hour | $120

Little Extras

Gua Sha Massage 

Rose Quartz Stone is used to aid in lymphatic drainage. Rose quartz brings positive energy and love while massage helps to eliminate toxins, reduce puffiness, and improve blood circulation to even out skin tone. Also, works to allow for enhanced product penetration. 

Starting at $15








Location: 3303 Harbor Blvd. Suite G12 Costa Mesa CA 92627

Phone: (714) 794-5386‬


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