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How to Prepare for Sugaring Services

Please come to your appointment with out any lotions oils, or creams on your skin.

Make sure you exfoliate before your appointment.

Your hair must be one quarter inch long ( or the length of an eyelash or a grain or rice) to be picked up by the sugar. 

If you have a low tolerance for pain please remember to use a pain reliever one hour prior to your service.

How to Prepare for your Facial

Make sure you arrive to your appointment a few minutes early to sign waivers and discuss your skin care concerns. Drink water before and after your appointment for the best results. Please do not wear makeup to your facial. 

How to Prepare for your Chemical Peel

If you are interested in a peel you must first book an initial pre peel consultation and patch test two weeks before your intended peel service to discuss the best peel course and regimen for your skincare concerns. 
Please Keep in mind you may need several treatments to obtain optimal results.
Please be aware you will need to avoid retinol products and UV exposure after a chemical peel for a period of up to 14 days. 
Clients that regularly use UV tanning beds will not be eligible for a chemical peel.
Desired results are based heavily on commitment to home care regimen. 

Location: 3303 Harbor Blvd. Suite G12 Costa Mesa CA 92627

Phone: (714) 794-5386‬


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