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6-8 hour Development time

Double Dip

Add 1 extra coat for an increased richness of your tan.

$10 | $5 Legs

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1-3 hour Development time


Beach Ready Combo

Brazilian Sugar Service and Regular Tan



How To Prepare for your Tan

Before your tan appointment, please shave and exfoliate, get your mani pedi and avoid using any body washes soaps or lotions that contain parabens, mineral oil, or sulfates ( i.e. Dove products, cera ve, cetaphil, irish spring ect.) Wear loose dark clothing and flip flops and don't use any lotions, oils or deodorant on your skin. Leave any jewelry at home. 


How to make your tan last

After tan info:

Before shower: do not touch water, wash hands, sweat, apply lotion or makeup (or remover) wear sneakers or tight clothes

Rinse time:

Regular tan rinse 6-8 hours after service 

Express tan:

Light: shower after 1 hour

Medium: shower after 2 hours

Dark: shower after 3 hours

During shower:

First shower rinse only - DO NOT USE SOAP - rinse until water runs clear. ( You can use soap 24 hours after your first rinse shower.) Please note that the cosmetic bronzer will wash away and your tan will appear to go away - this is normal- your tan will develop over the next 24 hours


Use moisturizer free of mineral oil parabens and sulfates HEMPZ is recommended for now Beach Bombshell Tanning Products coming soon ( STAY TUNED) disclaimer: things that may affect the longevity of your tan are pools and hot tubs, baths, weather, changes in altitude, salt water, heavy sweating, certain body washes and lotions. Tan Tip: If it is raining on your appointment day be sure to bring an umbrella. 

About Bronzed Bombshell Tans: 

This unique blend of organic anti ageing skin nourishing ingredients will give an immediate beautiful bronze glow and deliver a gorgeous beach ready tan as the DHA develops. You will love this fast drying, non-sticky, paraben-free,​ hydrating botanical formula. With proper care your tan should last 7-12 days and fade beautifully due to the moisturizing ingredients. 

Location: 1525 Mesa Verde Drive Suite 214 Costa Mesa CA 92627

Phone: (714) 794-5386‬


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